How to Join AICPC

It pays to be a member of AICPC!
Membership is excellent value for money.  You receive many direct benefits including:
•    Subscription online to both Applied Psychology: An International Review, and Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being
•    Print copies and postal delivery of the journals at minimum additional cost
•    The AICPC Bulletin and Division Newsletters, plus monthly e-News
•    Reduced registration rates for AICPC international conferences
•    35% off many Wiley books, and discounted rates on personal subscriptions to Wiley journals

Joining AICPC is easy:
1.    Decided on your Type of membership.
2.    Decide on which Divisions to Join.
3.    Complete the online application form, or print the Application Form shown at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Determine Your Membership Type and Dues
AICPC dues are scaled to the economic development levels of the countries in which members reside.  In the online application form (next page), select the name of your country from the full list of countries.

Step 2: Decide which Divisions to Join
AICPC has 18 Divisions, groups of members who share interest in a field of applied psychology.  Membership in a Division is not required, but it is strongly recommended.  Members may join up to 4 Divisions (students, Type E members, are automatic members of Division 15 – Psychology Students, and may select 3 additional Divisions).
You will be asked which Divisions you wish to join on the next page.  Here is a list of their names and numbers.
Division Number    Division Name
1    Work & Organizational Psychology
2    Psychological Assessment & Evaluation
3    Psychological & Societal Development
4    Environmental Psychology
5    Education, Instructional & School Psychology
6    Clinical & Community Psychology
7    Applied Gerontology
8    Health Psychology
9    Economic Psychology
10    Psychology & Law
11    Political Psychology
12    Sport Psychology
13    Traffic & Transportation Psychology
14    Applied Cognitive Psychology
15    Psychology Students
16    Counseling Psychology
17    Professional Practice
18    History of Applied Psychology
View Descriptions of the Divisions’ Purposes

Step 3: Complete the Membership Application Form