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Work & School
Learning how to cope with everyday pressures on the job and at school can help us find emotional balance and stay healthy — as well as boosting our productivity and our ability to reach our goals.

Middle school malaise
Graduation from elementary to junior high school can be a tough time for young adolescents, but parents can help make the transition easier.

Which traits predict job performance?
Rather than personality traits, stronger predictors for good job performance include willingness to volunteer, putting in extra effort, cooperating, following rules and procedures, and endorsing the goals of the organization.

Harnessing willpower to meet educational goals
Being able to call upon your willpower will serve you well in school and beyond.

Family & Relationships
At every stage of life, our relationships and families present us with both joys and challenges. Learning to manage stress, to understand our own emotions and behaviors, and to communicate effectively can help strengthen our own emotional health, as well as our connections to the important people in our lives.

Health & Emotional Wellness
Our bodies and brains are connected. Stress can take a toll on our physical health, while physical challenges can also bring new stress into our lives. By understanding how stress impacts our health and what steps we can take to stay emotionally balanced, we can lay the foundation for complete wellness.

Disasters & Terrorism
Understanding the effects of traumatic stress and the normal responses that may follow these abnormal events can help you cope with your thoughts and feelings on the path to recovery.

Managed Care & Health Insurance
When seeking help through psychotherapy and selecting a psychologist, it’s important to understand your own health care coverage, or what programs may be available to you if you are uninsured. Knowing which questions to ask and where to turn for help can make the process easier and more straightforward.