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How psychologists help disaster relief operations
Offering logistical support and helping people understand their emotions.

Recovering from wildfires
Understanding normal responses to these abnormal events can aid you in coping.
Before the flood

How psychologists help disaster relief operations

Recovering from wildfires

Tornadoes, hurricanes and children

Psychology Help Center is an online consumer resource featuring information related to psychological issues affecting your daily physical and emotional well-being. Refer to our fact sheet series to learn how psychologists can help.

Prepare now for a disaster
September is National Preparedness Month and it’s a good time to think of how you can successfully prepare for hurricanes and other natural disasters. It’s human nature to think the odds are in our favor and disaster won’t strike us. The reality is that at some point we all face some type of emergency for which a little advance planning can be enormously helpful. Disasters may be out of our control, but each of us does have control over our preparations and responses. Being prepared can provide a sense of control about your ability to manage the unexpected.

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