Objectives of the Division & Standing Committees

Objectives of the Division:
The Division of Business World of Work Forum of AICPC aims to:
1.    Encourage the existence of a fair and humane work situation in Africa, to which all have an equal opportunity of access and within which all can perform according to their abilities, can develop to their full potential and can experience a high quality of work life.
2.    Strive to create conditions in which Industrial and Organisational Psychologists will be able to deliver efficient and effective services to the benefit of all in Africa, by:
3.    Enhance the credibility of Industrial and Organisational Psychology as a discipline involved in the work situation and a profession among colleagues of this and other professions and other academic disciplines, as well as among persons with economic, social and political influence.
4.    Encourage research and the dissemination of scientific Industrial and Organisational Psychological knowledge, and the acknowledgement of outstanding achievements in the field of Industrial Psychology.
5.    Maintain excellence in, and striving towards the continued improvement of training in the discipline of Industrial and Organisational Psychology so as to ensure that Africa is provided with Industrial and Organisational Psychologists of the highest standard in the academic as well as practicing fields.
6.    Maintain close contact with the consumers of Industrial and Organisational Psychological services in order to ensure that the training of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists and the services they render are appropriate and of a high standard.
7.    Strive for services in the field which are available, accessible and affordable to all in Africa, and promoting work conditions which provide persons with the opportunity to perform and develop and to experience a high quality of work life.
8.    Maintain close contact with the needs of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists in all spheres of Industrial Organisational Psychological practice and addressing their needs timeously.
9.    Monitor the statutory position of the profession of Industrial and Organisational Psychology and recommending the necessary statutory enactments or amendments in order to ensure the continuing relevance of the profession.
10.    Define, promote and maintain ethical conduct within the profession in conformity with internationally accepted standards
11.    Support, whether by loan or bursary, students studying for their Honours or Master’s degrees in Psychology
12.    Grant funds for approved research.
13.    Accept and disburse funds granted by other organisations for the purpose of approved research.
14.    Grant funds for attendance by members of the Society at conferences, whether within Africa or overseas.

Standing Committees:
•    Awards
•    Congress
•    Continuing Education
•    Ethics
•    Equity & Transformation
•    International Relations
•    Nominations
•    Private Practice Issues
•    Psychological Testing & Assessment
•    Publications
•    Science of Psychology
•    Tariffs